Meet Golden

First off, thank you! Love’s Gardens got its start in 2003, and is now a robust landscaping company simplifying the lives and beautifying the gardens of Santa Cruz and beyond. Business is good and I have you, my neighbors, to thank for that.

At 6 years old I began pulling my neighbor’s weeds. Over 6 decades later, I’m still playing in the dirt, but today I bring more than just enthusiasm.

I am a…

… trained horticulturalist
… certified and consulting arborist
… licensed landscape contractor
… permaculture designer
… qualified pest control applicator
… community college instructor
… avid gardener!

For almost 30 years I owned a successful business that designed, built and maintained landscapes for businesses from San Francisco to Monterey. Today my intention is to share those three decades of experience and horticultural expertise with you, my neighbors.

In the midst of climate change and drought, I’m especially excited about helping you maintain the vibrancy of your garden in environmentally sustainable and cost-effective methods. That’s why Love’s Gardens specializes in rainwater harvesting, greywater, drought tolerant gardens, and edible landscaping.

If you can’t tell, I love gardening. I love making people happy. I would consider it an honor to help you build a garden that puts a smile on your face.

In Gratitude,

Golden Love

Co-creating water neutral gardens


  1. Hello Golden!
    I had an awesome time today watching and helping install your graywater system. I would be stoked to learn more. If you ever need some help digging holes let me know… 🙂

  2. Hello Jordy,
    It is good to hear you had an awesome time yesterday installing the greywater system with your Cabrillo College class. Having 50% of our demonstration garden watered with our washing machine moves us closer to a Water Neutral Garden, one of our major goals. We will be having some greywater classes in the late winter and I will make sure you know about them. Also, we have the DIY Basic Rainwater Harvesting workshop on November 3 that will teach people how to create their own simple rainwater harvesting systems as well as “bank” water in bio-swales and infiltration basins. We have a few scholarships available for volunteers. Send me your resume too.

    Thanks too for helping getting that final pipe routed through the garage.

  3. Hello,
    My wife and I are interested in help designing an edible landscape for our home in Sunnyvale. When would be a good time for an introductory call or meeting?


  4. Hello Lowell,

    I apologize for the delay in response. You are located out of my service area. I can help you via phone and internet with design concepts and many suggestions. Please call me at (831) 471-9100 and we can talk more.


    Golden Love

  5. Looking to install a laundry to landscape system at my house. Can you help? Thanks! Kirsti

  6. Hi Kirsti,

    Absolutely. You can reach me at (831) 471-9100.



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  8. Hello! Could not make the class on Saturday. When are you giving it again?
    Randy Z

  9. We will be having a more extensive lab and integration of all the green landscaping classes on November 7. I hope you can be there.
    Thanks for your interest,

  10. Dear Golden,

    First, allow me to complimant you on your website. it is beutifully written really demonstrate your entusiasm as well as your professional experience.

    My name is Gil Ben Meir and I am the founder and CEO of Gray-It, a simple graywater system with volume based irrigation controller.

    So why is Gray-It is so GREAT? because it saves 25-30% of annual household water consumption by efficiently managing graywater irrigation amd minimizing
    freshwater irrigation.

    Gray-It is made in Israel and was installed in over 500 households so far.

    we are currently looking for entusiastic landscape professionals like yourself
    to sell and install Gray-It in CA. if you are interested please reply and I will send you more infornation.

    Have a “Gray-It” day,

    Gil Ben-Meir, M.Sc
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  11. Hello,

    I am writing to you from the snow-covered streets of Boston. I returned last night from a two week exploratory road trip of the West Coast, during which I fell in love with the Santa Cruz area and am now in the process of working towards relocating. I am writing to you in hopes you will be able to help me make the transition to sunnier warmer days of gardening all year round.

    I am currently on unemployment with a guaranteed position for the up coming season with The Garden Concierge, the best fine gardening maintenance company in the Greater Boston area. Although I have really enjoyed working for the company, the economic fact of going on unemployment ever year for three months does not provide a sustainable future for myself and it is hard to have three months of free time when what you love doing in your spare time is the one thing you can’t really do. Gardening is more than just my job, it is my passion, and lifestyle that when I am immersed within keeps me healthy and happy. California provides the potential to grow and learn in my field, while doing the work that feeds my soul and bank account.

    The Garden Concierge is a mainly fine garden maintenance company headed, with seasonal container installations and design, and occasional large install jobs headed by the owner, a landscape architect. I have gained a great deal of experience within the past year with training new employees, being the lead on properties, container design and installation, and with using my knowledge of soil science fertility and analysis in the field. I graduated Fall 2013 from the University of Massachusetts­-Boston, with a Bachelors degree in Biology with upper level course work focused on plant physiology, ecology, entomology, genetics and development.I spent the winter after graduation
    working and studying Biological Farming,the practice of using soil remineralization as a means of balancing soil ecology producing crops that are more resistant to pathogens and insects, while producing greater yield for a longer season.
    I have spent the past three growing seasons working as a crew member
    for conventional and organic landscaping companies in the MetroWest/ Greater Boston area. I feel confident and knowledgeable enough in my understanding of how to create and sustain healthy organic gardens on the east coast and am excited for the challenges and growth sure to occur with the relocation to the west coast.

    If you are hiring now or within the near future, I can send you my resume and references. I hoping to solidify a position and be in Santa Cruz by the first of March. If you are not hiring but have any recommendations of where to look, I appreciate the guidance.

    Thank you for your time and I hope we meet soon.

  12. Thanks for your inquiry. We have decided to take on new gardening work if it is rain or grey water related. Our focus is now on designing, building and maintaining water neutral gardens that use zero drinking water.

  13. I manage a mobile home park in Santa Cruz county. A member there asked for more information on water conservation and recycling. I came across your name when looking at the Cabrillo classes and visited your website. The board would like to invite you to do a short presentation at their annual membership meeting on June 1st with the idea that this could lead to a workshop for the membership at a later date. Is this something you would be interested in and available to do? Please contact me at my email address for further discussion.

  14. Hello Rena,
    Thanks for your inquiry. I would love to talk to your Board about a potential workshop and will contact you directly.

  15. dear golden,
    we are in the process of renovating a house we just bought in santa cruz and we would like to put in a grey water system that connects both the washing machine (not yet installed) and the shower/bathroom sink (not yet installed) to our garden (not yet planted). we would love to talk with you and get a sense of what we would need to do and how much it would cost. thank you, debbie

  16. Hi Debbie,

    Love to help. My phone number is (831) 471-9100.


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