Co-Creating Water Neutral Gardens

A Thriving Garden Watered with Rainwater and Greywater

A Thriving Garden Watered with Rainwater and Greywater

Imagine—You Can Have a Thriving Garden Without Stress or Guilt!

  • Do you have a lovely garden, but your large water bill leaves you feeling stressed out and guilty?
  • Do you care about the earth and want to do right by it, but lack the expertise to create the ecologically friendly and drought tolerant garden of your dreams?
  • Or is your yard an embarrassment to you and you want to create something beautiful and sustainable but don’t know where to start?
  • Or do you perhaps feel frustrated about other landscape challenges that you want to resolve?

Your Dream Garden is Possible

It is possible to have a vibrant, thriving garden, a garden that matches your vision, in a way that enhances the environment, attracts beneficial insects and birds, and is easy to maintain. You can have a lovely landscape that takes advantage of renewable resources such as rainwater and greywater and stays lush and beautiful, while saving money in the process. You may even be able to take advantage of generous rebates for upgrading your property and enhancing its beauty and value.

This is why Love’s Gardens specializes in co-creating Water Neutral Gardens and other sustainable landscaping solutions for our customers.


Here is What You’ll Get:

  • Support to clarify your vision of a garden that inspires pleasure, relaxation, and ease rather than invoking frustration and challenge.
  • A range of creative possibilities for a garden that contributes positively to the environment using simple technologies and environmentally appropriate methodologies.
  • Your choice of state of the art design for drought tolerant or native landscapes, edible food forests, rainwater catchment, greywater systems, and appropriate irrigation technologies.
  • Installation of your dream garden and water systems.
  • Ongoing ecologically friendly maintenance.

Our Gift to You

Stop stressing about your garden. It’s time to get inspiration, expertise, and help to have the garden you desire. If you are in the Santa Cruz area or nearby, we would love to gift you with a free evaluation to help you clarify your goals for your garden and find out about the possibilities for a beautiful, environmental sustainable landscape.

Take a step toward your thriving garden! Call us now to request your free evaluation: 831-471-9100.


“Golden Love of Love’s Gardens has made me proud of my garden again.” Kathy, Westside Santa Cruz