Gorgeous, water saving succulent

Words of Praise

Love’s Gardens is the premier garden service in Santa Cruz. No job is too large — or too small. My favorite thing about them is that they are available by e-mail practically 24/7. I have literally sent requests to Love’s Gardens at 2 in the morning, and woken up the next day to find them addressed.”

“We were mesmerized by watching the birds from our 2nd floor window today. The Ceanothus bush you’ve planted in 2004 is now about 15′ high and the top of the bush is clearly visible as I sit in my chair next to the window. Just a little while ago the birds (about 3 different types) were chirping about and feeding/playing in the Ceanothus bush — they were 1-2 yards away from us and seemed quite happy. We watched them for about 10 minutes and thought how lucky we are to witness one of the the outcomes we wanted — providing habitat for birds. Thanks for designing and maintaining our garden at Grandview.”

Golden has made me proud of my garden again. I am far too busy to keep up with the weeds and pruning. He comes for 2 hour every 2 weeks and manages, in that brief time, to spruce things up enormously. I now walk through my yard without feeling guilty at all that I am ignoring. Plus, I have learned so much about environmentally friendly products and techniques.  – Kathy, West Side, Santa Cruz

“Golden helped me see past long-standing landscape obstacles that had been thwarting my efforts to grow lots of food and flowers.” –  Bonnie