Plastic-Free Landscaping

The Problem

Are you concerned about the problems associated with excess plastics?

The clogged waterways, heaps of non-reclaimable garbage, infiltration of our food supply with microplastics containing toxic chemicals, and perpetual demand for fossil fuels driven by the petrochemical companies themselves?

Yet, it seems impractical to escape the ubiquitous nature of plastic, and certainly seems impossible to have a garden without it, right? Irrigation systems, weed blockers, even greywater systems and rainwater tanks introduce plastics into the garden. Is there any other way? 

Plastic bags full of garbage in a dump

The answer is YES!

If you care about the Earth and want to create a garden that doesn’t rely on plastics, Love’s Gardens would love to help you!

A Beautiful, Sustainable Garden

The Solution

Love’s Gardens’ Plastic-Free Gardening Initiative

With our Plastic-Free Landscaping initiative, Love’s Gardens has developed a system for creating beautiful, sustainable, low-maintenance landscapes that are free of plastics of all kinds. Through careful planning, strategic plant-selection, conscious site preparation, and proper planting times, you can have a plastic-free garden that aligns with your values and fills you with satisfaction!

Love’s Gardens is here to support you:

  • With consultation to create your own Plastic-Free Landscaping,
  • To design your garden with you through a co-creative process, or
  • To offer you referrals to contractors who can do the installation for you.

Get Started Now!

Please contact us today to set up a free video call consultation to find out what is possible for you and your garden!