Design and Maintenance

Co-Creative Design

Love’s Gardens works with our customers and partners to design beautiful, resilient landscapes that contribute positively to the environment, for example through carbon sequestration, water conservation and reuse, and creation of habitat. We support our customers to create a vision that reflects their values, needs, and interests. Then we contribute our decades of experience to guide the process of creating a design that fully aligns with the vision.


Love’s Gardens has a team or partners to fulfill the installation needs of our customers. We have experts that install rainwater systems, greywater systems, food forests, water neutral gardens, native plant landscapes, hardscape, drainage systems, and more! We either work from a design we co-created with customers and/or partners, or provide installations based on designs from other companies. In either case, we insure that all work meets our high standards in alignment with Love’s Gardens Guiding Principles, and we are strategic about building ease of maintenance into our installations.


Love’s Gardens has maintenance partners to insure that the beautiful, functional designs we co-create and install can remain in good order. We also consider maintenance requests from customers with existing landscapes or landscapes installed by other companies. We take on projects that align with our vision of environmental sustainability. We typically do not accept requests for maintenance of landscapes containing unsustainable elements such as hedges and water-hungry lawns; however we are happy to work with such customers if they want to implement changes that will make their gardens more Earth-friendly.